4D/5D Schedule Simulations

Link 3D models to construction schedules with time (4D) and 成本 (5D).

Clearly visualize the construction sequence and cash flow of the project.

Adding the element of time to the 3D BIM model as the 4th Dimension produces a visual simulation of the sequencing for the project. This helps bring the schedule to life, conveying the project schedule to our clients in a clear manner that goes beyond a lengthy paper schedule Gantt chart that can be difficult to process. 此外, the 4D sequencing video can alert our project managers to potential conflicts in work areas before they occur and optimize work through multiple phasing and sequencing scenarios. Linking the project estimate to the BIM model produces a 5th Dimension, 成本, that highlights the 成本 of work associated with the different sequences of the project over time. Our team and clients are better informed and prepared for financially demanding construction activities and payment schedules through the use of this technology.

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